Accurate Mailing Services & Old School Printing are now VeraPax

We have some exciting news! Our entire team is now VeraPax. To some, this is no surprise since you have known VeraPax since 2000 when we started the company. To Accurate Mailing Services and Old School Printing clients, this might come as news to some.

In 2000, Heather and Randy Lisciarelli started VeraPax. The legal name for our business is Kariscom, LLC but we have operated as VeraPax for many years. In 2013, we acquired Accurate Mailing Services of Phoenix, Arizona. In 2017 we acquired Old School Printing of Scottsdale, Arizona. Both acquisitions strengthen the core mission of the company to grow and expand our service offerings as a marketing company. In May of 2017, we began the process of re-branding the Accurate Mailing Services and Old School Printing companies under the VeraPax Brand. By the beginning of 2018, the transition will be complete.

Questions often arise from news like this. Answers to some of the most common questions are below:

Has VeraPax ownership changed or the company been sold? – No. Heather and Randy Lisciarelli, the founders and owners, have not sold any part of the company. We are still the proud owners and plan to be for a long time. We are a family owned and operated business.

Why the change? As we grow and have acquired other businesses, for clarity and continuity, we felt it best to make the name transition for our clients and stay with one name and one brand.

With all that’s going on, what services does VeraPax offer? Currently, our primary lines of service are Graphic Design Services, Purchase Mailing Lists, Mailing Services, Printing, Promotional Products, and Social Media Marketing. Soon we will add Email Marketing services.

Have there been, or will there be any staff changes? All team members you work with are still with us.  As we grow, new staff may be needed to maintain our growth and service levels.

Will the changes impact me? The only change is related to the names of the businesses. Accurate Mailing Services will now be named VeraPax. Old School Printing will now be named VeraPax.

Are we moving? No. We are located in the Scottsdale Airpark at 16099 N 82nd Street, Suite B1, Scottsdale AZ 85260 and plan to be for some time.  Although we’re located in Scottsdale, Arizona, we serve clients all over the United States and the world.

Will Our Mailing Address Change? No. Our mailing address is PO Box 12068, Scottsdale, AZ 85267.  Please change any other mailing address you have on record to this PO Box.

Will phone numbers change?

For VeraPax customers the 602-995-7841 number you have known will remain the main number for VeraPax.

For Accurate Mailing Services customers, yes. The primary number for the business will be 602-995-7841. The 602-433-9101 number will still work for some time but we would like customers to start using the 602-995-7841 number in 2018.

For Old School Printing Customers, the phone number for Alex Feldman will stay the same, 480-593-5007. The office number will now be 602-995-7841 so you have access to other team members as well.

Will email addresses change? For some team members yes. If the person you work with has an email or email address, they will be converted to an email address. On October 1st of 2017, we will make the switch to all VeraPax email addresses. You will be notified well in advance before the change.

Who will we make checks payable to? Please make checks payable to KarisCom, LLC. (Our legal entity name)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Randy Lisciarelli at 602-995-7841 x100.

Thank you for your support in the past and into the future. We greatly appreciate it.

God Bless.

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