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Email Marketing Services For Small Business


VeraPax is a certified Constant Contact local email marketing services Provider that can help you strategize, develop, curate and execute a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing email campaign to your present email list.

Constant Contact is the most popular Email Marketing Services For Small Business. It comes with tons of customizable email templates that help you get a head start. And it is the only solution that offers event management tools, surveys, and social campaigns.

Our Email Marketing Services


Audit Of Past Marketing Efforts

A thorough analysis of where your business is now and where you want it to be is a great place to start. We’ll make time to look at your goals, email marketing results, offers, email copies, and your lists.


List Management And Segmentation

We can help you divide your client lists based on specific data points and refine the messaging to create offers based on what you know about them. Also, we can help you grow your mailing list by adding a range of dynamic email signup forms, including pop-ups, fly-outs, floating tabs and more.


Template Selection And Branding

We can help create professional-looking emails, by selecting appropriate templates for your business and goals and customizing the templates by adding your branding colors and logo to create an integrated and visually cohesive connection for your subscribers.


Social Integration

Sharing your email campaigns on social media is easy with Constant Contact Social Share feature. If you are not present on social networks, we can help you get set up on the channels that are best for your type of business and target demographic.


Data Analysis And Optimization

With built-in tracking and reporting functions that detail who has received emails, who has opened them, and who has clicked on which link—all of which will help you understand which message best resonates with audiences.


Certification Training

We’ll show the ins and outs of how Constant Contact’s Partner Program works by walking you through all that has to be done to prepare your first campaign – creation, sending, and data analysis process.

The Benefits Of Email Marketing

98,4% of consumers check their email daily.
Connect with your customers through their inboxes. Email Marketing is the most effective tool to drive awareness,conversion and customer retention.

Add more impact to your email marketing campaigns. Drive more business by integrating our Managed Partner Solutions Program with the tools you’re already using.