How To Target Customers With Bluetooth Beacons

Bluetooth Beacons have been becoming more and more popular over time. Most, if not all businesses, might know something about them, even from just reading the name. They are a device that gives Bluetooth enabled phones the ability to receive some sort of notification that you want them to. This, of course, being a very generic description of them. But as you can probably imagine, they are losing their luster due to the fact that it does send notifications to people’s phones and force them to ping. So, in the end, what is going to become of them?

Bluetooth Beacons Used For In-Store Mapping

My guess, which is already happening is, it is becoming used for in-store mapping. This device allows you to be placed precisely, so layouts of stores and your location are very possible.

Bluetooth BeaconsKnowing this, imagine the possibilities that can come from this device.. Take Target for instance. They have built this technology into their stores and their phone app. Allowing customers to accurately be guided to a product in their store. They take it a step further by offering deals and route to that specific product.

Gathering Data

Another way companies are using Bluetooth Beacons is to gather customer data. This could be by the company itself or by vendors. This is because Bluetooth Beacons allow vendors to always be able to reach customers with real-time, location-based marketing. Think about it, going into a grocery store and you go to the soda aisle. Sitting there in Bluetooth Beaconsfront of Coke and Pepsi. Next thing you hear are two dings on your phone, both are coupons, one for Coke, another one for Pepsi. Opening up this technology allows marketers to grow into a realm most might view as either annoying or great for saving money when receiving these notifications. For marketers, however, the data gathered along with the possibility to push notification to potential customers and leading to potential sales is very appealing. This, along with the cost being so far down compared to the old ways of having to market to your potential client, are truly ideal.

With this product becoming more popular and marketers working out the kinks in their plans with the device, it will soon be everywhere, even more than it already is.

What do you think about this device? Will it fit in your marketing strategy?  

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