Facebook Live: Why It’s Important & How To Use It

Facebook now has over 2.01 billion users and almost half of them are active every single day. For businesses of all sizes, a lack of presence on Facebook can be cripplling, to say the least, and it’ll only grow in size, popularity, and sheer potential. That’s where Facebook Live comes in. 

The video is getting to be an undeniably powerful medium to get your messages out there. It’s a way to share stories about your brand, receive high engagement, grow your influence, and for better lead generation. With that being said, you didn’t think Facebook wasn’t going to let the incredible power of video pass you by, did you? The regular videos you post on Facebook are likely to get more engagement and traction. Plus, if you were to use videos as ads on Facebook Advertising, you’re set to gain even more. 

But, Facebook won’t stop at just that. It wants you to show up (as an individual or as a brand) and it wants you to engage more with your followers (or maybe build an entirely new follower base). Facebook wants you to get into action.

For that, it introduced Facebook Live in April 2016. Facebook live combines today’s standard of live streaming and the sheer reach (and effectiveness) of video, all rolled into one. Since the launch, marketers, and businesses report that their live videos get 3X more engagement. Currently, more than a million individuals and marketers are already harnessing the power of live video.

Here’s how you should use Facebook Live for your own business:

Use Facebook Live for Engagement

With video being powerful and Facebook with its unlimited capacity to distribute your content,  imagine the exposure and reach that does for your business. However, if you just slap an ad on Facebook or boost your posts, you’re only going to get so far.

With teaching, training, and engaging by providing value, you stand out from your competitors. Facebook Live allows you to make yourself incredibly valuable by sharing tips, news, information, and answering questions as you speak.

Facebook Live not only lets you stream content but also engage with your viewers in real time. Comments come in as you speak, making it feel like an in-person office setting.

The more you do Facebook Live, the more engagement you have on Facebook. This, in turn, builds up your influence, makes you trustworthy, and helps you sell better.

Build Your Audiences

When was the last time you purchased something? Chances are that you Googled the product or read some reviews online. That’s how most people start their shopping today. Some even do it even when they are standing in the aisle of a store as well. 

The biggest problem most businesses have when they get started is lack of social proof and the fact that your potential customers don’t know you yet. You can change that with Facebook Live. Facebook allows you to tag and track people who watch your videos (including Facebook Live) as audiences.

These are your audiences and you’ve earned them. If and when you are ready to make a pitch, promote your products or services, or to make an offer, you could use these audiences to make highly-relevant offers.

Do mini-webinars

Webinars, when you do them right, are extremely powerful ways to bring in a piece of you to the board, to show that you are real and that you know your stuff. Plus, it immediately dissolves the anonymity that’s a part of your Internet presence.

Webinars are the closest you could get to in-person communication. Now, doing webinars for lead generation, branding, or sales is all about planning, hustle, content, and execution. Sometimes, you don’t need to walk the full mile. Instead, use Facebook Live to create mini-webinars. Go deep on any subject (that relates to your business), just pick a singular topic and touch base on that subject when you’re doing your Live.

Events & Meetups

As a business owner, chances are that you attend meetups in your local area. You might be a part of associations and networks. Maybe you even host your own meetups or events. Every event or meetup you host (or attend) is an opportunity to do a Facebook Live session.

Just by hooking up your smartphone, you could convert that otherwise completely offline event into an online one and get several times more exposure than what you’d normally get.


You could use interviews in several ways, and put all the content up (as they happen) in a Facebook Live. If you have an actual office where clients come and visit, conduct interviews with them. Have them speak out about their challenges and their input on how they solved them. Have a retail store? Ask them to say a word or two about their recent purchase.

On the flip side, if you are being interviewed by a blogger, a podcast host, or even your local magazine or a journalist, stream that content live as well.

If you are interested in specifics and the nitty-gritty of how to start doing Facebook Live read up on this Facebook Live Guide by Sophia at HubSpot.

Are you Live on Facebook yet? 

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