Fun Marketing Ideas For October

October brings about the beginning of the holiday season. Fall is in the air, the weather is becoming crisp and pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere. It’s the time of year when companies are officially beginning their holiday plans, parties and campaigns. It’s such a vital time when customers will soon be looking at businesses for deals and steals, crafty and creative promotions and upcoming news and events.

Although Halloween is one of the most favored holidays in our society, it is sometimes overlooked by brands and companies. It may just seem like a holiday that is just for fun, nothing more than a day where people can decorate their homes, dress up, celebrate and eat some candy while they’re at it. However, it may very well be a key time for your business to reach your customers and potential clients. Playing upon the theme of Halloween for your marketing can take your social media game to the next level, especially right before the winter season begins.

If you’re wondering how you can incorporate Halloween into your branding and online marketing and what it can do for your company, then you’ve come to the right place. Read below to find out how to up your marketing for the month of October.

Hold a Costume Contest

Facebook takes the crown when it comes to the social media platform that can up your online game for your business. There’s so much that you can do in terms of interacting with your audience on there, especially when using unique marketing campaigns that can reach all types of people.

marketing ideas October

A fun way to get people involved with your business is to hold a Costume Contest. Have customers post pictures of themselves dressed up in their Halloween gear to your page. You can even have them email you photos that you can then post yourself, and then whichever pictures get the most Likes, you will win a service or gift card to your store or place of business. Feel free to also do this with pet photos as well! This contest will get you more Likes to your page, engagement, and interaction with your audience and if you use pet photos, your page will become super adorable.

Hold a Pumpkin Carving Contest

Just like the above contest, you can switch it up and hold a Pumpkin Carving Contest online. Just have your customers carve a pumpkin, take a picture and see who gets the most likes to win a gift from your company.

Send out a Trick-or-Treat Direct Mail Piece

Surprise your customers with an in-person treat. Send them a Halloween-themed direct mailer filled with candy, promotional items, coupons, and creepy, ghostly swag. If you’re looking for help with your direct mailer, we can help! Contact us HERE.

Create a Halloween Themed Newsletter

If you already have a good email list going (or if you need one), this would be the place to extend out some Halloween content, directly to their inbox. Share a link to a Halloween blog post you created, let them know about up-and-coming promotions before you post them online, create a fun Halloween video to include and also, be sure to let them know about the contests you will be running on your social media platforms. If you don’t have the time or are looking to enhance your newsletter campaigns, we are a Constant Contact Business Provider and we offer Email Marketing Services that can save you time, money and create great content that your customers will love.

Start preparing now for your upcoming holiday marketing needs!

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