Hiring? 3 Critical Questions To Ask

Now Hiring?

Who isn’t? That is the better question.

I was standing at a strip mall and the Chipotle, 5 Guys, Yogurt Shop, Target… you get the idea. ALL of them want (and need help)

If we are at some of the highest unemployment rates in years, why are people not filling these slots?

One could speculate people aren’t taking new jobs, but starting their own businesses.

Even so, people operate a new business but still want/need a part-time day/night job while they get their foundation built.

There’s a sidebar of hiring that could also be creating a significant impact you can read or listen to more here.

For my purposes, we are going to focus on what YOU might need to consider about your culture:


Simon Sinek has a book, (which I speak more of in this post)

In summary:

Why should your new-hire care?

Why does your company exist?

This boils down to the culture and core values in your company, and the actual value you add to your customers.




What are these questions?

Sure thing. These are a few questions I always ask in interviews. (for my full list of favorites Click Here)

  1. How would you describe a healthy culture? (press if it’s too surface level)
  2. Do you have an example of the last time you worked on a team? (what part did you play?)
  3. Can you give me an example of your biggest failure in your working career?

Now, I also should mention, before they ever get these questions, I’ve already set up preliminary tests before we have a 30-minute Drive-by meeting.




When using these hiring platforms, it’s convenient that they have these qualifications and resume uploads. But actions speak louder than words… or text on a .pdf.

So before I call any candidate, I template a message with a few questions appropriate to the position.

Step 1. Do they ever reply?

Now, have grace, and it’s not fast, but I’ll leave a voicemail simply letting them know if no one acts within 24 hours to copy and paste Step 1.

Step 2. Basic instructions to follow. ‘Please email or call me back with the answers’

Regardless of job type, it’s an important quality for a team member to be coachable.

Now we have a short meeting (on a planned date with back-to-back candidates).

This is where we review the above questions.

You’ll learn a lot from these 3.

And the rest of my list you can find HERE.


The first 48

Now, once you complete the onboarding, negotiate salary and have their desk ready to go. (I hope)

How are you launching your new team member for success?

Does a soldier want an untrained ally by their side?

Why would you ‘go into battle’ with an ill-equipped team?


The first 48 hours are significant to training and instilling your core values in the hiring process.]


Here are some subliminal messages you might be sending:

Is their desk ready? (do you care about me?)

Is there a uniform ready for them?  (am I included?)

Does the rest of the team say hi? (am I accepted?)

Is there dedicated training? (am I alone?)

Are you patient with their questions? (did I accept the wrong job?)

Do you express the values of the business? (why do we show up to this job?)


If you are tired of the revolving door of hiring. Maybe you haven’t tried EVERYTHING yet.

Give these steps a try, it’ll take a little getting used to. But there are plenty of stats that say you spend 3-6 months of the salary for the position you are hiring, and in many cases, it will take them 1-2 years to be worth more than that as they learn all the nuances that your business and office have.

So the easier you make it, and the more attention you spend at the beginning of the hiring process, you will harvest a much more fruitful experience. Plus, you will find exceptional team members that will actually make your company more efficient, more effective, and more FUN!


Download our Hiring Questions Here

Hiring Questions

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