Practical Ideas for Promotional Event Giveaways 

Are you looking for a way to commemorate an event? Do you want to show a special appreciation toward attendees or a sponsor you value? This post will provide promotional event giveaway ideas that help you give, while also receiving back.

Promotional items as gifts are an essential way to say thank you at events for sponsorship, business, or just simply for coming out. They are a valuable marketing tool that is always well-received and sought after. Don’t overlook bringing something as a giveaway for participants, presenters, speakers, sponsors or awardees at your event regardless if it’s a gala, a cocktail reception, or a run event.

Prepare them in advance and order enough items. The worst thing that can happen is not having anything for your attendees. Or you’ll miss a big opportunity for your prospects to interact and engage with your brand on a physical level after the event.

But how to make sure your promotional items have a strong marketing impact?

First, clarify your reasons WHY to use Promotional Products for your event:

  • To thank attendees for participation.
  • Boost awareness of your company, products or services.
  • To incentivize prospects to do a particular action: like your social page, enter your website, order a product, try a sample, or give a referral.
  • Communicate a marketing message.

Next, WHAT to give away? When choosing the right promotional event giveaways make sure to check at least one or two of the selection criteria. Our general recommendations are to use something that:

  • It provides brand awareness for your business.
  • Speaks to your attendees, is relevant to them.
  • It can be used on a daily basis.
  • It can be used in front of other people, like outdoors and in public spaces.
  • Stands out, is unique and meaningful or helpful, for instance, stress-reducing products such as coloring books, journals of aromatherapy oils.
  • It is seasonal like beach towels, flip flops or frisbees in summer, for instance.
  • Comes in the clutch, like umbrellas at events threatened by unexpected rain, mobile charges or portable cell phone power banks at events with intense use of mobile devices, a reusable water bottle that helps attendees to stay hydrated during long conferences.
  • Meet your budget limit!

Be aware of the fact that promotional products work even better integrated with direct mail. They can increase the direct mail response by up to 75%.

Here are a few key trends we are seeing in event promotional market space and some ideas for the types of items you may want to invest in for 2019. Invest resources on analyzing demographics, and professional backgrounds of your guests. Knowing the gender, age group, and fields of interest will be a good starting point when determining which items would be chosen for giveaways.

Corporate Events

While corporate events can run from casual staff parties to more formal luncheons, they have one thing in common. They will be better attended if you come up with a list of exciting event giveaways for attendees.

What can you offer? Promotional items that are entirely customizable and include custom logos, colors, and slogans as a reminder of the event. Another great idea of a cool giveaway will be a whole basket packed with goodies filled with fruits, candies, snacks or themed baskets for any occasion: from work-related promotional items to health and fitness items.   

Charity related Events

Charity related events play a vital role in raising money for the organization that it needs. Use promotional event giveaways as free handouts to help raise awareness for the cause or to sell promotional products for fundraising in themselves.

What to offer? Gifts that give back, or gifts that pledge a donation with every purchase. Depending on the cause you support, it can be dog collars or pet accessories to spread the message, and support animal adoption or a portable Bluetooth Speaker to support hearing aids research programs. You get the idea, it’s a product that supports itself, and the cause you are fundraising money for.


Promotional products are an excellent opportunity for local businesses, and corporate companies to sponsor sports events. Many marathons and running events include a T-Shirt upon registering as well as gift bags and other giveaways upon completion of the run.

Promotional giveaways can serve as an incentive to finish the run or walk for runners who may need that extra motivation. They also help to build a stronger awareness of the event locally, and throughout the year as the giveaways continue to be used which is ideal for annual events.

What to offer? Tees as a souvenir for participation as well as a run uniform, silicone handle that can fit on any bottle to help them stay hydrated, awareness wristlets to attract attention to your brand or sunglasses with a timeless style.

To summarize, event giveaways are must-have items for a successful event. They are the ambassador of your cause or brand long after the event is finished.

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