Promotional SWAG for what? 3 WOW items you MUST try.

Aren't Promotional Products Cheap?

I’ll answer this question with a question: “Is YETI cheap?” “Is Nike cheap?” “Is Popsocket cheap?”

Promotional products can be the same retail brands you know and love, simply with your own unique stamp (or screen, or embossed) logo. Keep in mind, the best products actually DO SOMETHING. A chip clip that won’t break the second time you open the bag. An insulated bottle that won’t rub the color off when you set it down on a hike. Or a Tee shirt that feels more like a rag than a fashion statement.

The entire purpose of a promotional product is to have long-lasting impressions. If you literally only branded with throw-away items, your logo spends more time in the trash than in front of prospects.

Hopefully, you’ve noticed that promotional has come a long way.

Believe me, growing up, I had the cupboard with 33 stadium cups, 14 movie theatre refills, 6 mismatch straws, and more than a couple of branded water glasses from our go-to restaurants. The chip clip drawer was dangerous, the fridge magnets were excessive, and probably more key chains than an average collector would know what to do with.

To summarize those traumatic memories, it was excess. Even a family of 6 can only drink out of 6 cups at a time. And the average person with a few keys only has so many unique needs for a key chain.

So what is all of this leading to?

As long as the product can be Useful, Unique, or Universal it makes a great choice for longevity in the marketplace. So here are 3 of our favorites that will get you noticed and keep you in front of clients and their referrals.

Writing Instruments and utensils… huh? OH, you mean PENS!

Not that cheap-plastic-never-working-snap-the-spring-leaky-pen you are having flashbacks to.

I’m talking about THIS PEN

With approximately 1 mile of writing length (or more)

My favorite thing about this pen is the side clip closure. If I had a nickel for every client I showed this pen to that couldn’t figure it out on the first try… well… I might not be writing this blog!

So it’s a little bit of a gag, but really more than anything it’s designed so that the stylus doesn’t wear out as quickly with your thumb constantly opening and closing it. So it’s not just a fun trick, it helps to keep the entire pen lasting longer and provide a unique style.

(and if that one isn’t good enough for you, here is your ultimate multi-tasker pen!)

Blue Light Glasses – Not Rose Colored

Blue light blocking glasses aren’t just trendy. They offer health benefits. Helping to reduce the blue light rays can improve sleep, allowing you to be more rested. Personally, they have helped me reduce eye strain and headaches with all the screen time (desktop, laptop, cell phone, and tv combined).

More on the useful side, people are using screens more and more for meetings, online classes, video chats with friends and family. We love face to face when possible, but now that the world can connect faster, cheaper and more efficiently through a simple screen call, the red-eye flight across the country could be replaced with screen calls that leave your eyes red all the same.

A promotional item like these can be terrific client gifts for onboarding packages or even holiday baskets. They can get in a habit of wearing them everywhere they go and provide promotional branding on every video call they make.

If the Shirt Fits

I joke – Have you ever tried to wear a water bottle? Well if you try this shirt on you just did!

Is this a Joke?

If you care for something comfortable to change into… or climate change… the AllMade apparel brand is doing great things for promotional products. By marketing yourself with these shirts, you can be globally conscious and also styling a fresh and fit tee with your brand.


That’s a wrap!

A Candy Wrap(per)

Promotions don’t have to be cheesy or corny.  They can be a whole lot of FUN too!

So what are you waiting for? Call our team and let’s start brainstorming ideas for your next project or giveaway.

Or search this website like Google and see what crazy-random-off-the-wall-whacky-item you find next!

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