Giveaway – What’s the #1 best thing you can GIVE AWAY?

Christmas in July...

Who was the first person to coin that? Granted, I’m here in Arizona, and it’s July and it’s already hitting 117 at 2pm. So I’m not thinking a hot cup of cocoa will be making me feel the good cheer! But what is that “Giving Feeling” all about?

Some companies set aside significant dollars to give away to deserving charities or even to their staff as bonuses. And I love how much financial good they can giveaway ‘just because’.

Different Perspective –

But not everyone can be so fiscally generous to giveaway cash left and right.

Some small businesses (maybe even yours) would be thrilled just to see a decent profit on the bottom line at the end of the year.

I want to encourage you, though, that anyone can give small acts of kindness on any given day to inspire others and do more than money can ever buy; bring joy, happiness, and goodwill.

Now hang with me, I’m not getting all philosophical here. Think about it: What are small actions that you can take to brighten someone’s day?

  • Smile at a stranger
  • Hold the door open for the person behind you
  • Push your cart back in the grocery parking lot
  • Bring a cup of water to a coworker… just because
  • Say “Thank you very much” instead of “thanks”
  • Ask “How are you?” before someone else says it to you

Run with that and see if you can’t come up with 20 more that are relevant to you and your lifestyle.

What’s the point?

Fair enough. We are here as a marketing company sharing ideas and advantages of our products and implementation. But here’s the thing: Marketing is Human Behaviour (I added the U to feel fancy, the little things you know?).

The goal of marketing is to predict how people will react to your advertising. It is assuming the human condition and resilience to what is going on from day to day.

Take a step back, and when someone gives themselves away in a simple act like holding the door or bringing you a cold glass of water without being asked, are you feeling better, or are they? Trick question, you probably both do. Check out that article to see some benefits. The point is, if giving is positive when you harass someone to buy, that’s a turn-off.

By understanding what has a positive impact on your target audience, it helps you change your content, words, imagery, and even your free giveaways!

Those big companies have actually been thinking cash bonuses are the best things when really investing in the people and culture is even more valuable.

I’m bored can you please get to the point?

Yes, I will. And what is the point?




YOU have the choice, right now. Go hand someone a glass of water (with a smile). And don’t just do it because you read this. Do it because you truly feel it. Too many times I get caught up in my own head, and I have incredibly generous people around me that do so much and are giving away their time constantly. It becomes a chain reaction. Help someone, be kind to someone, smile towards someone. They have an opportunity to share that with someone else.

I know VeraPax Marketing was founded on serving clients and going above expectations and finding any need and fulfilling it. Even today, every team member does things that are ‘Not in their job description’ and we don’t want to hire anyone that doesn’t feel the same.

So that’s the point. Kindness – Pass it on


P.S. We are offering first time clients a free marketing review which includes 2 hours of design time for their project at no charge. In other words, about 3 hours of our time. No charge, so we can help you be effective with growing your business.

That’s our giveaway promise. But hurry, it’s only good for July! Call us today at 602.995.7841. We look forward to helping you!


Giveaway Kindness
Kindness Pass It On Give it Away, make the world a better place



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