What’s the #1 BIG Deal about a sign?

Sign pointing
I wonder who owns this sign?

Did that sign catch your attention?

It’s amazing how powerful imagery can be.

You associate subtle hints like candy cane poles covered in snow with feelings of the holidays and joy. It not only grabbed your attention but just for a moment, it told an entire story to you.

If your mind goes extra deep, there is a certain melody stuck in your head now too.

All of that from a little image on the screen.

So what’s your sign? And I don’t mean Scorpio or Leo. What’s the large printing look like on the street or in front of your building?

Yard Sale Signs
Look Familiar?

We see this yard sale sign all the time, and why? Because if you didn’t see it, you would never know there was a sale.

How about McDonald’s and those golden arches? Or a giant white apple with a bite out of it?

Logo, yes, but a giant sign. Definitely!

Here’s the catch, when you notice the new restaurant being built every time on your drive home. After it’s been there for 3 months, you aren’t as interested in the Grand Opening sign anymore and almost forget it’s even there.

I could get really sophisticated about your reticular activator, but suffice it to say, we get bored with the same sign over time.

Signs = Sales

Do you recall those tube people flapping around in the wind by those car dealerships?

How about the Goodyear blimp?

More recently, you can pay people to throw an arrow around on the street corner to make you pay attention.

Besides being a bit show-offish, what do they all share? Large format printing that grabs attention.

Remember (if you can) we are very forgetful and have short-term memory these days. So seeing a sign in the sky, on a billboard, a bus bench, a flying arrow on the corner, and then a flag in the wind (next thing on a truck driving beside you as well). They are making dozens of mini impacts on your mind to remember one over the other.

Remember the sandwich boards?

Found this great image

Classic, old-school marketing.

Maybe I’m forgetting myself, but in Homer Price, I am positive there was a character who grabs a sandwich board and starts running around the street to sell all of the extra donuts. Since you can’t read 12 point Times Roman from across the street, you need to print BIG! And sandwich boards can shout your message from a distance.

List of Signs:

By no means is this exhaustive, but just so you have an idea of what’s available:

Really the options are immense.

We just want to share what’s out there so you can try something new to bring some attention to your store, event, or something else.

Let the sign show you the way!

As a footnote, I thought it would be valuable to also mention how you don’t even need words. Sometimes a picture of your restaurant’s signature dish. A smiling family, a pair of elegant sunglasses, a sleek and shiny vehicle tell an entire story with almost no words.

So be creative. First by spending the next 10 days and really looking at the advertisements around your life. Really try and focus on what grabs and keeps your attention.

Then you can reach out to us to start developing a plan, strategy, and design to make your large format signs a reality!

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