What’s up with Paper?

Dare I use the “I” word? (Inflation)

Dare I use the “S” word? (Supply Chain)

Given the season, I’d like to paint a quick picture of our Thanksgiving feast.

Take a stroll with me on this short parable…

It’s time to go shopping for the family Thanksgiving dinner. So I head to the store to fulfill my shopping list.

First up, the turkey. Checking the meat section, it seems like my classic 10lb is all out. There is a heritage breed though at 10lb. A little fancier, a little more money, but it’s still the best size for my family. That’ll be fine.

So I spent a little more on turkey due to changing the brand available. But it’s the main part of my meal, so I’ll just have to take the hit I guess.

Now to the sides.

I go for the classic Campbell’s green bean casserole recipe, but all the canned green beans and mushrooms are gone. The farmers have some beautiful fresh produce here at the market; I guess I can improvise and have a little different taste to this one. Once I price it out, it’s not that bad. So fresh it is this year!

And of course, we have the stuffing. I’m known for delicious stuffing, but the fresh sage is nowhere to be found (I even called 10 other stores to no avail), but I managed to track down a couple of bags of that pre-mixed stuff. It’s not my first choice, but if I don’t have stuffing, I’ll be thrown out of the house! A little extra turkey gravy will improve it anyway.

All in all, I had to adjust a little, maybe pay a little more here and there. A couple of things just aren’t possible to purchase right now.

At the end of the day, I’ll have a meal and we will all be fed. Who knows, maybe something amazing will come out of all of this?


Much like the turkey, stuffing, and casserole, some paper is out of stock. We’ve seen it increase 30% in price across the board since the beginning of the year (and probably more to come). Maybe your paper choice isn’t available in exactly what you would like at this very moment, neither was TP at one point. We understand this is frustrating.  The reality comes down to our incredible suppliers who have been working hard to provide us with answers and help us acquire everything we can as soon as it becomes available.

At VeraPax, we understand your Thanksgiving feast has a deadline. If you are willing to be a little patient, perhaps flexible on a couple of decisions, we will do everything possible to complete your project. We are here to navigate this challenge for as long as it takes. The ship isn’t sinking, it just needs a little extra love and care to guide it to shore.

You can count on us. We will make it happen! Maybe not 100% to the original plan you hoped for, but who planned for 2020 to turn out the way it did? Anyone? I don’t see any raised hands…

Make lemonade out of lemons. And we’ll turn the paper into your project.



Your VeraPax Family



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